Hi, I'm Ginny Chen.

This is a collection of things I enjoy in life.

Graphic Design, Photography, Cravings, Fashion, Home decor.

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Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out

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matcha mint iced tea.

Today I looked up to see blue skies and coral pink clouds. It was then I realised you were green blue and I was the orange pink. Somehow finding comfort that our favourite colours looked so happy together at least in that universe.

100 confessions

5. Instead of using tissue like a normal person, I use old receipts I find to blot my lipstick. Which makes me look like a person who enjoys making out with receipt paper.

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves"

~ her (the film)
Lonely Hearts
what I’m currently feeling

what I’m currently feeling

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"Go tell your mother you passed the test. Befriended the good ones and fucked all the rest."

~ Forest City Lovers
OTP forever

OTP forever

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